(302) 346-4000 | 200 Banning Street, Suite 110, Dover, DE 19904

Providers & Specialties


Khaled Eljazzar, MD
Nicholas Mandalakas, MD*
Sankalp Pathak, MD


Lisa Attebery, DO
Thomas P. Barnett, MD*
Louis Costa, DO*
Brandt Feuerstein, MD*
Barath Krishnan, MD*
Wendy Newell, MD*
Mridul Pansari, MD

General and Bariatric

George Ibrahim, MD
Isaias Irgau, MD*
Michael Peters, MD*
Rahul Singh, MD
Gail Wynn, MD*


Leif-Erik Bohman, MD
Tony Maidoh, MD
James Mills, MD*
Pulak Ray, MD*


Ian Baxter, MD
Kerry Campbell, MD     
Amanda Celaschi, DO*
Michelle Cooper, MD*
Abha Gupta, MD
Robert Hartmann, MD*
Laura Moylan, MD*
Robert Q Scacheri, MD*
Peter Wong, MD*


David Creech, MD*
Timothy Doyle, DO*
Neil Vadhar, MD

Oculofacial / Plastic Surgery

John Gillespie, MD
Bryan Seiff, MD*
Patrick Swier, MD


John Burger, MD
Justin Connor, MD
Lawrence Piccioni, MD*
Stephen Manifold, MD*
Eric Schwartz, MD
Steven Tooze, MD*

Pain Management

Rany Abdallah, MD*
Manonmani Antony, MD
Andrew Crichlow, MD
Irene Mavrakakis, MD
Rachael Smith, DO*
Kartik Swaminathan, MD*


Jeffrey Barton, DPM*
Dimitrious Moustakas, DPM


Henry Kim, MD*
Rajesh Kurpad, MD*
Gregory Spana, MD *
Donald Suh, MD*
Christopher Vallorosi, MD*
Michael Zaragoza, MD*

In accordance with CMS Conditions of Coverage ASC Regulation (42 C.F.R. 416.50(b), Delaware Surgery Center is required to disclose prior to the start of the your procedure that the physician performing your surgery may have a financial interest in the facility.  Our goal at Delaware Surgery Center is to provide patients with high quality patient care. As always, you have the option to use a healthcare facility of your choice other than Delaware Surgery Center.

(*) Indicates Physicians with financial interest

COVID-19 Facility Update

Delaware Surgery Center remains committed to the safety of our patients, caregivers, and community.  The following safeguards, screening processes, and visitation policies have been instituted.

Keeping You Safe for Surgery

• If day of surgery you feel sick or are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of illness such as fever, chills, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, or extreme fatigue; please DO NOT report and call the surgery center

• A face mask is required for all persons entering the facility

• Please perform hand hygiene upon arrival to our registration desk

• All areas are cleaned between each patient

• Seating is limited in our waiting room in attempts to maintain 3-6’ social distancing

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible to prevent potential        contamination of surfaces

• When possible cover your cough or sneeze into a tissue, place tissues directly into the    trash can and perform hand hygiene

Facility Screening and Testing

• Prior to your day of surgery, you will be interviewed over the phone by a member of        our  pre-anesthesia staff. For your safety and for the safety of all of our patients/staff,      please provide honest answers to our questions and or any recent COVID                    exposures or illnesses, as additional testing may be recommended such as 3-5 days    for vaccinated and 5-7 days for unvaccinated.

• All vaccinated and unvaccinated patients will be screened and must undergo preop COVID testing as per the facility guidelines. Please be patient with our staff, as COVID testing guidelines are subject to frequent changes pending Delaware and CDC guidelines.

• Upon arrival to our facility you and your ride will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms    and a temperature check performed.

Visitation Restrictions

At this time the center is permitting only 1 visitor as the patient’s responsible adult or ride home.  This person must be at least 18 yrs. of age and may either wait in our waiting room or they may wait in their car in the parking lot. All responsible adults must provide a cell phone number and be immediately available by phone.  All post-op all patient’s will be discharged at the south end of the building under the overhang.


For those with recent international travel for anyone returning to the United States, it is recommended to get tested 3-5 days regardless of their vaccination status.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

References: cdc.gov/coronavirus and coronavirus.delaware.gov