(302) 346-4000 | 200 Banning Street, Suite 110, Dover, DE 19904

Providers & Specialties

Ears, Nose, Throat

David Martini, MD


William Kaplan, MD, MD


Louis Costa, DO*
Michele Domenick, MD
Brandt Feuerstein, MD*

General and Bariatric

Thomas P. Barnett, MD*
Isaias Irgau, MD*
Michael Peters, MD
Rahul Singh, MD
Gail Wynn, MD*

Pain Management

Rachael Smith, DO*
Kartik Swaminathan, MD*


Jeffrey Barton, DPM
Jason Kline, DPM
Linda Lawton, DPM
Katherine Perscky, DPM
Harry Tam, DPM*


Henry Kim, MD
Rajesh Kurpad, MD
Gregory Spana, MD * 
Donald Suh, MD*
Christopher Vallorosi, MD*
Michael Zaragoza, MD*

In accordance with CMS Conditions of Coverage ASC Regulation (42 C.F.R. 416.50(b), Delaware Surgery Center is required to disclose prior to the start of the your procedure that the physician performing your surgery may have a financial interest in the facility.  Our goal at Delaware Surgery Center is to provide patients with high quality patient care. As always, you have the option to use a healthcare facility of your choice other than Delaware Surgery Center. 

(*) Indicates Physicians with financial interest